Sunday, November 1, 2009

Whorin' it up on the Road!

Road trip for M and me this weekend. Wedding about five hours away. I really look forward to extended car rides with her, especially when there won't be much traffic for stretches.

It's pretty much a given I'll make her take off all her clothes at some point. I'm most likely to make her ride in heels, thigh highs and a long coat with nothing underneath at this point. Oh, and she'll wear her collar if it arrives in time, even if she has to get out of the car at some point. Kinda hoping she does, actually.

I'll get lots of road head too. Might make her show off her tits to a trucker too. She needs to be pushed to reach her full potential as a whore, and I want her to demonstrate her loyalty to me by degrading herself.

I decided tonight that I want to stick a cucumber up her twat sometime soon. Probably just a pickling cucumber...I don't want to damage one of my precious fuckholes.

I am really enjoying taking pictures of her. I'll do that on the road a little, I imagine. Maybe her naked with another car driving by in the background.

On the downside, we might have to share a hotel room with her brother. That's a nightmare for all three of us. If we do have our own room I'll turn up the heat and make her wear nothing but lingerie, if that. And her collar, of course. All fucking weekend. Awesome.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Collars, Revisited

It's difficult. I keep finding options. M wondered if she were restricted to just one. I said yes at the time but I wonder if we should just try one out and get another if we want to. M, I would like your opinion on this matter.

I really like this steel look. Shiny so not very subtle if I get her to wear it out.

I guess I don't like this one as much. I'm sort of leaning toward the stainless steel.

Thoughts? M?

First Time

Today M and I discussed me pissing on her. She's really excited for it. I called her piss-bitch a little and she kind of liked it. We've never done it before. I mentioned it in passing and she showed a little interest. The more I asked the clearer it became: She's got more than a little interest.

I'm excited about pissing in her mouth, honestly. She wasn't planning on swallowing any more than she'd accidentally swallow, but I'm going to make her swallow at least some. I want to see her throat move as she gulps it down.

M, tell us how you picture it. Give me at least two sentences. I'd like to hear what you think you'll like about it and how you imagine it will go.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

This Bitch... really starting to like it in the ass. I thought she might come tonight from it.

Tell everyone how you love me using your ass, bitch.

A Question for the Fucktoy

Periodically I'll ask a question of my bitch and will force her to answer. She'll post in the comments section but I'll cut and paste her answer into the main section.


Relate the story of a time I used you that you particularly enjoyed. Also tell us what you enjoyed about it. I know you can be shy about such aren't trained to think about what you like, just about my pleasure, but it will be a nice exercise for you that will hopefully make you appreciate what a whore you are for me.


Monday, October 26, 2009

Tonight's Fun

Not many usable pictures tonight due to face and name issues (her name's still written on her chest/stomach followed by "is a whore"). Anyhow, a good night. I made her stand by the window with all the lights on totally naked (well, high heels). Hopefully somebody saw her. Well, besides me. Unfortunately my camera just couldn't make it into a good image. Perhaps we'll try again, or try from another location.

I told her the other day that I intended to fuck her ass at her parents' house and hopefully at her place of employment. I suspect that seems hot to me because in those places they misunderstand her purpose, so by fucking her ass I right that wrong.

Anyhow, here are a couple pics from tonight:


I love you M. You are the best slave in the world.

I don't reward you often. Consider this a reward for your dedicated service.